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Facilitating change - Precon Governance

Facilitating change

Food supply chains become more and more complex. We help building relationships, creating commitment and buy-in, and strategies to assist in sustainable changes leading to more effective and efficient operation of supply chains.

A systems approach - Precon Governance

A systems approach

With a thorough understanding of the public and business environment our clients are working in, we are able to assess critical gaps and provide experience based solutions to issues which will impact food supply in the long term.

Quality assurance - Precon Governance

Quality assurance

Experience in designing and implementing quality assurance in food businesses, from medium to large scale companies will help improve organizational performance, transparency and consistency in delivery of products and services.

Quality assurance - Precon Governance

Food Safety law

Authoritative interpretation of food law and practicable solutions to sometimes complex issues, often recognized by official inspectors and external auditors. This allows organizations to operate smoothly in international supply chains.

Let us support your goals with consultancy, project management and training.
Marcel Tijhuis - Précon Governance

“Let us support you to improve your organizational performance and impact together with your stakeholders”

- Marcel Tijhuis

Our Cases

The Netherlands

Smallholders meeting high supply chain demands

Selling small holder food products through retail outlets provides challenges to ensure legal and supply chain compliance such as adequate follow up to quality and safety non-conformities

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Training Food Safety inspectors

In a two week visit to Bangladesh two of our Précon consultants put the final changes to a training for food safety inspectors, which university teachers delivered, and evaluated the training with all participants and the trainers.

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Précon, founded in 1993, has acquired extensive experience and professionalism in consultancy and training in the food industry and government organizations. Over 90 professionals work on (inter)national projects on food safety and quality management, helping government authorities, food producers and businesses in food processing in compliance of import/export EU-regulations, process improvement and optimization, training, (e)learning, laws and regulations and certification for ISO 17020, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. Every year over 9.000 workers in the European food industry develop their knowledge and skills on food safety
through Precon’s e-learning software.

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