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Précon, founded in 1993, has acquired extensive experience and professionalism in consultancy and training in the food industry and government organizations. Over 90 professionals work on (inter)national projects on food safety and quality management, helping government authorities, food producers and businesses in food processing in compliance of import/export EU-regulations, process improvement and optimization, training, (e)learning, laws and regulations and certification for several standards such as IFS, BRC and ISO. Every year over 9.000 workers in the European food industry develop their knowledge and skills on food safety through Precon’s e-learning software.

We realize that achieving a high level of protection for society as a whole, a high performance at the sector and national level is of paramount importance. Additionally, adequate and efficient official controls on primary production, manufacturing and export certification is crucial to become more competitive and reliable in international supply chains. As an independent organization with experience at all these levels, we can help national governments to increase business compliance and to contribute to a fair level playing field for all supply chain actors.


Ranging from issues in the area of European legislation and regulations to the development of a vision in respect of food safety and sustainability (CSR). At the strategic level we provide advice that serves as input for policy development.

Guidance and support in managing change

Our added value goes beyond the organisation, implementation and optimisation of quality management systems. We support and guide public and private organisations developing and achieving specific objectives for sustainable change using state-of-the-art change management approaches.


Knowledge is power, but it’s the skill that that gets things done! We are proud to share our knowledge with our customers. We do this in the day-to-day contact with our customers, but often it is more effective and more efficient to do this through training. All our trainers are trained in the application of the De Galan, a very effective and engaging method of developing and delivering training. As a result, training participants are confident to directly apply new or improved skills and knowledge.

Interim management and outsourcing

Many customers have entrusted (a part of) their quality management processes to Précon in very close cooperation. For other customers we provide flexibility in the quality departmen. In urgent situations we shoulder the burden for these customers who quickly need expert professionals in the workplace.

Looking at the future

With our impact driven professionals, many years of experience and extensive service packages we assist businesses and organisations in the challenges they face. You can build on us, now and in the future.

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