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Training Food Safety inspectors

In a two week visit to Bangladesh two of our Précon consultants put the final changes to a training for food safety inspectors, which university teachers delivered, and evaluated the training with all participants and the trainers.

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The Netherlands/International

Participation in international standard setting forums

As a result the 2018 version, of ISO 22000, has become a significantly more consistent and practically applicable food safety management standard for the food industry. Through the same forum Précon participates in revising the General Principles of Food Hygiene, the foundation of international food law.

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NOSS Project Tanzania-Madagascar

New Origins Sustainable Spices (NOSS): Improving Quality Management and increasing Spices Export to the EU.

In the New Origin Sustainable Spices project (NOSS), consultants from Précon Food Management work under the direction of the Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) as coordinator, together with Dutch/European importers and local business organizations and traders in Tanzania and Madagascar to improve and expand supply chains for spices.

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Sierra Leone

Approval of export of Sierra Leone Fishery and Marine Products to the European Union

Précon Food Management has assisted the Government of Sierra Leone (funded by IMF/WB) to help lifting the ban on fish import from Sierra Leone into the European Union.

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Understanding EU labelling requirements

In the case of Lithuania we were asked to assist them in understanding EU requirements regarding labelling, knowledge which was at that time very hard to find.

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The Netherlands

Smallholders meeting high supply chain demands

Selling small holder food products through retail outlets provides challenges to ensure legal and supply chain compliance such as adequate follow up to quality and safety non-conformities

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