NOSS Project Tanzania-Madagascar New Origins Sustainable Spices (NOSS): Improving Quality Management and increasing Spices Export to the EU.

In the New Origin Sustainable Spices project (NOSS), consultants from Précon Food Management work under the direction of the Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) as coordinator, together with Dutch/European importers and local business organizations and traders in Tanzania and Madagascar to improve and expand supply chains for spices. In Tanzania the focus is on cinnamon, cardamom, dried ginger and chili, while in Madagascar the focus is also on Cloves. Précon Food Management contributes to the understanding of product requirements (for EU Market), food safety and HACCP in the NOSS Project. Together with facilitator NABC, local Partners and local Team, training programs have been set up to support exporters/traders, processors and farmers. For the Workshops/Training programs, a blended-learning approach of E-learning, Online Workshops, Self-Assessments and individual sessions has been used. The focus is on GMP, ISO22000 PRPs, HACCP and further development of the participants quality manuals. In addition, the entire NOSS team has invested in developing manuals and specifications for spice cultivation and processing. In addition, the team is developing instructional videos, which show and visualize the production of Cinnamon and Cardamom, from Local Farmer to Dutch/European Importer.

We help the development of the Dried Spices Export Chain in Tanzania/Madagascar by:

  • Training Local Businesses (Processors/Exporters) on Quality Management (GMP, PRP’s, HACCP, Etc.) via Blended Learning.
  • Contribute to Development of Product Specifications, Production Manuals, Instruction Posters and Supply Chain Videos.
  • Webinars and Interactive Sessions to identify needs and Gaps within the Local Markets to achieve export volumes, and increase awareness of EU requirements for export.
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