Our Expertise

Facilitating change - Precon Governance

Facilitating change

Food supply chains become more and more complex. We help building relationships, creating commitment and buy-in, and strategies to assist in sustainable changes leading to more effective and efficient operation of supply chains.

A systems approach - Precon Governance

A systems approach

With a thorough understanding of the public and business environment our clients are working in, we are able to assess critical gaps and provide experience based solutions to issues which will impact food supply in the long term.

Quality assurance - Precon Governance

Quality assurance

Experience in designing and implementing quality assurance in food businesses, from medium to large scale companies will help improve organizational performance, transparency and consistency in delivery of products and services.

Quality assurance - Precon Governance

Food Safety law

Authoritative interpretation of food law and practicable solutions to sometimes complex issues, often recognized by official inspectors and external auditors. This allows organizations to operate smoothly in international supply chains.

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